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,Myrzakov B.T.
Physical-technological Institute metals and alloys of NASU, Ukraine, 03680, Kyiv-142, MSP,
Vernadskogo Blvd., 34/1 Cand. Eng.,ass/professor, tel. +38066 145 78 32, e-mail:
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An example of the concept of self-destruction materials after the exercise of their
functions are provided as part of the metal casting process of the ice patterns.
Showing samples of units (cluster) of such patterns for testing the molding process. It
is predicted the spread of such materials in the waste-free production of the future.
Keywords: self-destruction of materials, molding process, sand molds, ice
pattern, cryotechnology, waste-free manufacturing.
In the environmental concepts of the future predict the wide use of materials, which
self-destruct after its functions provided without accumulation of long-term waste
products. Today, in many cases, reasons of environmental pollution are mass
production of materials extraneous to the Earth’s biosphere. Method of casting of
metal products in ice patterns, the melting of products which are absorb into the pores
of the mold sand is an example of creating low-waste processes of foundry steel
production by one-time pattern without organic materials according to eco-idea
which described in work. [1].
The fact of the technology is that in the foundry, the casting production of
metal parts of machinery or equipment, these parts are first made of ice casting metal
copies (IM). Then these IM are poured in the metal container (flask) by dry refractory
mixture of sand and compacted by vibration.
Pattern melts in the sound mixture, absorbs into the dry mix to form a sand
mold cavity. This process of getting sand mold forming is called fabrication. Then the
cavity of received form is filled with molten metal, it solidifies and casters get the
metal part. Such “cryological” technology (cryotech) at spontaneous ice-melting
single casting pattern in the sand pattern at temperature above 0 degrees closer to the
casting process harmless metabolic rate and heat to the environment.
The term "cryotechnologie" is mainly found so far only among physicians,
food industry and the makers of refrigeration equipment. The very same an ice as the
material for making industrial structures have not found wide application.
The involvement of an extensive array of interdisciplinary knowledge from the
field of Cryology in foundry-metallurgical production as a technological use of