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The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“New technologies, robotization and automation complicate requirements to a manpower and quality of the human capital. In these conditions development of the main wealth – the person becomes the answer to calls and guarantee of success of the state ”

From the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan. October 5, 2018.

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Probatory region laboratory of engineering profile (PRLEP) «Constructive and biochemical materials» at SKSU after Auezov is found under personal initiative of Kazakhstan Republic’s President N. Nazarbaev as one of among 15 ones. The basis of PRLEP «Constructive and biochemical materials» foundation was decision of High scientific-technical commission at Government of Kazakhstan Republic and order of MON RK (order # 120 of 15 March 2007).

The research scientific work in laboratory about priority scientific direction seize the number of fields.

The main aims of laboratory:

  • Elevation of level and developing perspective scientific researches, carried out in universities and other research organizations of South Kazakhstan in the field of constructive metal materials and alloys with special physica-chemical properties, silicate materials concretes and aggregates, organic and inorganic materials, rational use of mineral raw materials, water and technogenic waste;
  • Assistance in competitive recovery of scientific researches in SKSU and other region universities;
  • Participation in the training process of newcomers, training специалистов, candidate for a master's degree and doctoral candidates;
  • To be of one growing-point of modern scientific and innovative direction of region industry;
  • To make a necessary conditions for formation new scientific breakthrough directions, schools in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials;
  • Assistance in carrying out of fundamental and applied research and assistance in use its results in developing of innovative and radically new technologies;
  • Assistance in degree enhancement of integration of science and education in region universities;
  • Service provisioning for research groups who carry out researches in creation of new materials.

Staff of laboratory: There are 16 employees.

AnarbayevAAAnarbaev А.А. –D.T.S., professor, heard of regional laboratory of engeneering profile “Constructive and biochemical materials”


1. Electron-scan microscope JSM-6490l V (Jeol, Japan) Multipurpose electron-scan microscope combine with opportunity to work as standard as LV regime.
It allow to investigate samples without sputtering the conductive layer. In addition it is supplied by the system of energy-dispersive analysis INCA Energy 350 and add-on device for research of texture and structure of polycrystals HKL Basic.
Foreground directions of research:
  • research of nanofibers and nanotubes;
  • research of microstructure of widespread materials: metals, alloys, semiconductors, polymers, syntetic materials;
  • research without sputtering of conductive layer of biological and polymer materials, glass, ceramic;
  • qualitative and quantitative energy-dispersive chemical microanalysis of composition for identification of various phase inclusion;
  • analysis of elements distribution to research of dendrite eliquation and microsegregation;
  • determination of films thickness, research of diffusion processes.
2. Mass-spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma and quadrupole mass analyzer MS-820, Varian
Apparatus is sertified.
Determination of elements and their isotopes with high speed (75 elements per minute) in all materials and substances. Factor of merit from 10-10% - to dozen of percent.
Subject of research:
  • Metals and semiconductors: Metals and their isotopes from beryllium (Be) to uranium(U); Si, Ge, Se, Te semiconductors and their salts, oxides, alloys, technological solutions;
  • Subjects of environment: water (natural, mineral, drinking-water), industrial waste; Bottom and bed silt, vegetable specimens, aerosols, biological specimens;
  • Certification testing of water.
3. Сary-50 (Varian)
Apparatus is sertified.
Range of use: Analysis of food products, water; pharmacopeia, criminalistics, medicolegal and bioclinical researches, spectrophotometric measurements and other.
Foreground directions of research:
  • Analysis of food products and drinks;
  • Pharmacopei analysis;
  • Research of the kinetics of chemical processes;
  • Research of fermentative kinetic;
  • Research of protective properties of glass and textile material against UV rays;
  • Certification testing of water and food.
4. High-efficiency liquid chromatography VARIAN PRO STAR и Shimadzu LC-20 Prominence
Apparatus is sertified.
Foreground directions of research:
  • chromatographic study of processes in organic synthesis;
  • determine of trace contaminant;
  • analysis of narcotic drug and explosive material;
  • qualitative and quantitative determination of pharmaceutical components in drugs;
  • determination of vitamins, antioxidants, dyes, pollutant in food additives and foodstuff;
  • biological researches;
  • ecological analysis;
  • certification testing of water and food.
Shimadzu-LC-20-1 Shimadzu-LC-20-2
Shimadzu-LC-20-3 Shimadzu-LC-20-4
5. Infrared spectrometer IR- Fourier IRPrestige-21 (Shimadzu)
Foreground directions of research:
  • Analysis of food and farm commodities (oilseed, cake, oilcakes, margarine, fats, feed-stuff, fish, seafood etc.);
  • Analysis of oil and fuel (benzine, coal lithic etc.);
  • Analysis of water;
  • Analysis of soil(determination of soil contaminants and oil products and other);
  • Analysis of polymers (rubber, polypropylene, caoutchouc etc.).
IRPrestige-21-1 IRPrestige-21-2
6. Gas chromato-mass spectrometer GCMS-QP2010 Ultra (Shimadzu)
Foreground directions of research:
  • Analysis of food and farm commodities (juice, feeding-stuffs, fish, marine invertebrates and products of their processing);
  • Analysis of water;
  • Analysis of outside air and working air (phenol, benzopyrene);
  • Analysis of soil (phenol, benzopyrene, determination of organic substances, oil-products etc.);
  • Analysis of narcotic drug and explosive material;
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of pharmaceutical components in drugs;
  • Determination of vitamins, antioxidants, dyes, pollutant in food additives and foodstuff.

Adress: 160012, Republic of Kazakhstan, Shimkent, Tauke khan avenue, 5
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