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“New technologies, robotization and automation complicate requirements to a manpower and quality of the human capital. In these conditions development of the main wealth – the person becomes the answer to calls and guarantee of success of the state ”

From the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan. October 5, 2018.

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The results of research activity of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University Engineering Profile Laboratory, first half year of 2014.

The Engineering Profile Laboratory, which is headed by Cand. Phys.-Math. Sci. M.V. Zdorovcev, summed up the results of first half year of 2014.

And again EPL proves that it is the one of leading divisions our university.

During the last 6 months the results of researches were published in 7 articles with impact factor.

american-mineralogist beam-interaction physics

“It’s doubtless, that we achieved such high results only with great support of our University’s administration, especially support of foreign specialist invitation program for education and professional development of University’s teaching staff, also for conducting joint researches. And the results of this productive cooperation are our publications in journals with high Science Citation Index”, - claimed Head of EPL Maksim Zdorovec.

polimer chemistry

Despite that EPL’s field of research is quite extensive our young scientists represent each direction on high level, whether it is nuclear physics, solid state physics or polymer membranes, bioorganic chemistry and nanotechnology. And the most important – they will keep moving on!

Bikhert Y.V. Lisitsyn V.M., Lisitsyna L.A., Korepanov V.I., Dauletbekova A.K., Reiterov V.M. Pulsed cathodoluminescence of YLiF4 crystals at 15 K. // Nuclear Instruments and methods in Physics Research B. – 2014. – Vol. 327. – P. 121-123. (ИФ=1,266)

Dauletbekova A., Schwartz K., Sorokin M.V., Russakova A., Baizhumanov M., Akilbekov A., Zdorovets M., Koloberdin M. F centre creation and aggregation in LiF crystals irradiated with 14N, 40Ar, and 84Kr ions. // Nuclear Instruments and methods in Physics Research B. – 2014. – Vol. 326. – P. 311-313. (ИФ=1,266).

Weixing Li, Patrick Kluth, Daniel Schauries, Matias D. Rodriguez, Maik Lang, Fuxiang Zhang, Maxim Zdorovets, Christina Trautmann and Rodney C. Ewing. Effect of orientation on ion track formation in apatite and zircon. // American Mineralogist. – 2014 . – Vol. 99. – P. 1127-1132. (ИФ=2,204)

Korolkov I., Mashentseva A., Niyazova D., Güven O, Barsbay M., Zdorovets M. The effect of oxidizing agents/systems on the properties of track-etched PET membranes». // Polymer Degradation and Stability. – 2014. – Vol.107. – P.150-157. (ИФ=2,77)

Ngoc T. D., Moons N., Kim You., De Borggraeve W., Mashentseva А., Andrei G., Snoeck R., Balzarini J., Dehaen W. Synthesis of triterpenoid triazine derivatives from allobetulone and betulonic acid with biological activities .// Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. – Vol. 22. – Issue 13. – P. 3292–3300. (ИФ=2,903)

Mashentseva А., Borgekov D., Russakova A., Zdorovets M. Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Activity of Au/Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Composites. // Acta Physica Polonica A. – 2014. – Vol.94. – Issue 6. – P. 1263-1266. (ИФ=0,53)

Gikal B.N., Teterev Yu.G., Shchegolev V.Yu., Zdorovets M.V., Ivanov I.A., Koloberdin M.V., Aleksandrenko V.V. Secondary fusion reactions in the bombardment of light-element targets with low-energy heavy ions.// Physics of particles and nuclei letters. – 2014. – Vol.11 (4). – P. 462-466. (ИФ=0,359) printing