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The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“New technologies, robotization and automation complicate requirements to a manpower and quality of the human capital. In these conditions development of the main wealth – the person becomes the answer to calls and guarantee of success of the state ”

From the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan. October 5, 2018.

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Prerequisites to development of the project are: the deficiency of anticorrosive coverings, available at the price, in the territory of the republic connected with lack of the overland message with the continent; lack of the adjusted supply channels from the Russian producers; the implementation of the state program of industrial innovative development connected with development of manufacturing industry.

Metalwork under the influence of hostile environment collapses, changes appearance, loses the properties. Metal designs from steel carbonaceous and low-alloyed, from aluminum and its alloys, from copper and its alloys, galvanized are subject to corrosion. Intensity of corrosion at different metals and alloys at identical external influences different, but all the same all metal designs are subject to destruction. Therefore to exclude corrosive attack, it is necessary to use anticorrosive protection of metal.

The most universal, economic, widespread way of anticorrosive protection of metal are special anticorrosive coverings. The principle of action – creation of the strong film having excellent coupling with the surface of metal. The film has to be hostile environment, waterproof, steamproof, resistant to influence. Corrosion-resistant coatings of metal allow to protect a metalwork of various sizes, difficulties, configurations. Simplicity of technology does their device public, including for the organization of the works which aren't specializing in this look.


Figure 1 – Rust on gear wheels


At the choice of a way of fight against corrosion not only features of the metal, but also a condition of his operation are considered. The special complexity is caused by the choice of a way of protection of the metal which is operated in environments with the complex parameters (temperature, concentration, pressure) changing during process that often and meets in chemical processes. All ways of anticorrosive protection used in practice can be divided on the nature of their impact on metal and on Wednesday.

The project is investment and attractive that is confirmed by the integrated indicators of efficiency calculated taking into account all expenses and the planned revenue of the enterprise. Indicators are given in table 1.

Table 1 – Integrated indicators of efficiency of the project

The net specified value (NPV), tenge.

80 000 000

Paybackperiod (PP), month.


Indexofprofitability (PI)


Coefficient of profitability of investments (ARR), %